Rebecca's Rock 'N Gems

Each piece of jewelry that Rebecca Winkler designs and creates has a wonderful story! Fifteen years ago, Rebecca’s mother took her on a trip to a mine in Franklin, NC. It was there that Rebecca learned the craft of mining, having the opportunity to dig and chisel the stones out of the ground. After the visit, Rebecca’s mother showed her how to turn the rocks into beautiful gemstones and, together, they assembled the gemstones into beautiful jewelry pieces! They created a mother/daughter ritual out of this, visiting mines throughout North Carolina, Virginia and Maine. Since that first trip with her mother, Rebecca has mined at several locations including mines in Franklin, NC, and a large Rose Quartz mine in LaGrange, GA. More recently she has been going to Lucky Lake of VA in McKenney, VA and she was honored to attend the Poland Mining Camp located in Poland, ME. Rebecca consults with gemologists to cut the best, rough, pieces she mines into beautiful gems that she utilizes in all of her creations. Rebecca realized that her hobby was growing into a business as more people contacted her to inquire about her jewelry so, in 2011, Rebecca launched her company, Rebecca’s Rock ‘N Gems! In addition to learning about techniques to mine and create unique and custom pieces, Rebecca began educating herself on the history and properties of the stones she mines. Rebecca was attracted to several of the stones she mined and wasn’t sure why one stone vs. another brought her relief from stress or anxiety, but as Rebecca combined different stones into necklaces, bracelets and earrings she began personally experiencing the beneficial effects of the stones working harmoniously together. She began educating others on the properties of different stones and custom created jewelry pieces based on the specifications of her client, incorporating specific gemstones to bring about certain results for her clients. In one piece of jewelry Rebecca paired several jasper stones with sterling silver in a necklace, so her client could feel more grounded though out her day. She has carried this knowledge forward in all of her creations, using only silver and natural gemstones.

While Rebecca loved the pieces she created, she found it more and more difficult to be able to put on, and clasp, some of her own pieces, due to a condition that causes her limited dexterity and, often, pain, in her hands and fingers. Other women vocalized similar concerns, referencing arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions that affect mobility and dexterity. Rebecca scoured jewelry findings, locating materials and clasps for jewelry that make it easier for women to address these issues while maintaining the beauty of the jewelry pieces.

From the location where the stone was mined, to the individual who cut it into a gemstone, into the creation of the piece to be customized for you and your life goals – each piece that Rebecca crafts tells a story. What’s your story and what pieces can help you tell it? Check out the completed, one of a kind pieces, on this website. Maybe you’ll find a piece that speaks to you or maybe you’ll be inspired to contact Rebecca for a custom piece of your own. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to her by visiting her shop.